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At DCG Inc. we believe that intelligent research produces profitable results.

DCG Inc. uses a range of methods and advanced modeling techniques:

On-line Forecast Results ©

Our on-line platform allows you to use the DCG, Inc. forecast for aggregates materials. Forecasts are available for 3 years at the county level.

Click a county and the forecast is downloaded within one hour. Choose one or more counties.

  • AGGREGATES FORECASTS Go to to download today.

  • Demand Forecasts

    We use advanced techniques, along with common sense, to produce realistic demand forecasting models. These models can be by product line, by territory and by time horizon. In every case we work with your seasoned personnel to produce a usable forecast. These forecasts are frequently delivered using our online web site or in an Excel spreadsheet.


    We deliver unbiased, quality assessments of market changes. The typical project covers the economic and construction potential at the county level. Most projects involve five to ten year industrial and sales demand forecasts, by county, by year for the region of interest. The David Chereb Group, Inc. has direct experience throughout the 50 states.

    Demographic Analysis

    People are moving. We have been analyzing migration patterns for over a decade and showing developers how to capture profits by being at the leading edge of population movements. We make use of new Data Mining tools to insure accuracy.


    • Aggregates Demand Forecasts
    • Database Programming
    • Long range forecasts (5-15 years) of new product penetration
    • Acquisition Analysis-Market Demand