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At DCG Inc. we believe that intelligent research produces profitable results.

DCG Inc. uses a range of methods and advanced techniques to solve expert witness issues:

Environomental Analysis ©

Conservation easements represent both opportunites and pitfalls. When done right everyone benefits. When done wrong the IRS and others take a harsh view.

We have done extensive analysis on very large projects that incorporates the full range of demand and supply issues for potential quarry sites..

Our analytical methods have provided solid support for several quarry expansion projects.

Government Support

We have also represented county and provincial governments looking to understand why new aggregates sources are needed or not needed. Our county based aggregates demand model provides the data needed to settle these issues..


  • Market Demand Forecasts
  • Market Share Analysis by Quarry for Selected Market Area
  • Expert Witness Analysis
  • Long range forecasts (5-15 years) of new product penetration
  • Acquisition Analysis-Market Demand and Material Reserve Extimates/li>